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Don't Tolerate Healthy Food, Celebrate it.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

2021 American nutrition is tasteless. Highlighted by macro and calorie counting, America has mischaracterized healthy eating to be something that it isn't: unappetizing.

Since the mid-century fat debate, we've been conditioned to think healthy eating can't be enjoyable. How has it become this way? At the core, the blame lands on the government's misguided nutritional policies. The guidelines are what doctors and dietitians are taught as scientific truth. In turn, healthcare providers relay these nutritional strategies to their patients. And thus, the spiral of health deterioration and flavorless food continues.

We're told that red meat, cheese, milk, eggs, and salt are evil. This leaves foods like legumes, grains, and veggies to be the nutritional saviors. The issue is that these "healthy" alternatives don't taste good.

This is why few people stick with this regimen. We think eating well is synonymous with self-torture. And if adhering to the guidelines, it most certainly is a form of punishment.

More recently, as a result of keen marketing by the food industry and instagram influencers, foods like chia seeds and goji berries are the new stars of a healthy diet. I don't have a problem with these foods. I think they're perfectly acceptable. But I think they contribute to the "healthy eating is weird and gross" narrative.

These exotic "superfoods" don't have to be in a healthy diet. In fact, they should be at the bottom of your grocery list. They're not essential.

The scientific defense for the guidelines is a losing battle. And as it happens, the foods that the dietary guidelines prohibit are the very foods that your health needs and your tastebuds want.

Let's stop eating boring meals and start eating real, whole, flavorful foods.

Prioritize grass-fed beef. Find local, artisan cheese. Drink full-fat, raw milk. Cook with butter. Get creative with herbs and spices. The possibilities for delicious, wholesome foods are endless.

Be honest with yourself. Your dinner party needs flavor and you need friends. You'll get neither if you make your food tolerable. So don't tolerate healthy food, celebrate it.

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