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Where I've Been & What You've Missed

Updated: Aug 21


It's been too long.

I've felt like I've left you in a dark cave for the last two months. I must apologize for my absence – I am terribly sorry for missing in action.

It's not that I've forgotten about you. I could never neglect you all.

It's quite the opposite, actually. Every day for the past two months, I've been thinking – or plotting, depending on how you look at it – of ways to advance this remarkable coalition of flavor-loving nutritional warriors.

I've also been doing some cool things, with y'all on the forefront of my mind. (Why is this starting to sound like a confessional love letter?!) Don't worry - I'm not about to turn this into a Colleen Hoover romance novel.

What I'm saying is that I've been researching and writing on several health-related topics

for The Epoch Times. It's been a privilege to write for Epoch and it has stretched me as a researcher, writer, and thinker.

Below are some of the articles I've written for Epoch that I think you would very much enjoy.

What "Natural Flavors" in Sparkling Water Really Means

How Fragrances Wreak Hormone Havoc

You Probably Use Ibuprofen for These 5 Causes of Pain. Here Are the Best Alternatives

Lab-Grown Meat: A Promising Future or Dystopian Fate?

The Cup of Coffee You Drink Every Morning May Contain Thousands of Microplastics

Each of these articles contains exclusive interviews with brilliant researchers and innovative medical professionals. It's been a stellar experience for me to get to interview these exceptional minds.

If you're someone who appreciates sound journalism, I highly recommend subscribing to The Epoch Times. Not only do they now have the founder of Running On Butter, but they also host dozens of other (much more intelligent) contributors as well.

In addition to writing for Epoch, I've been gardening like a madman, working out with my phenomenally fit pregnant sister, eating lots of flavorful food, and enjoying this beautiful PNW Spring with my many nieces & nephews, and few friends.

I have some really exciting ideas coming your way.

Until then, keep Running On Butter.

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