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Oh, hey.


My name is Vance Voetberg.

I'm here to journal nutritional truth. 

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My Story


In 2019, a friend gifted me a book that changed my life.


The book, Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan, introduced me to the realm of nutrition and its radical influence on health, beauty, fitness, and disease.


Since then, I've descended deep into the expansive yet beautiful world of nutrition. I have discovered that the vibrancy & vitality of life begins with what we eat. A flourished life is the nourished life.

Food does not merely impact our health; it steers it. I'm here to make the link between food and health known so that you can live your most dynamic, abundant life. 

Who is Running On Butter for? 

  • The athlete who wants to be the strongest & fastest.

  • The entrepreneur who wants to properly fuel his ambitious visions. 

  • The stay-at-home mom who needs the energy to be a stay-at-home mom.

  • The dad who used to be fit in high school but has since lost it. 

  • The grandma who does not want to allow age to hinder her full life. 

  • The attorney who wants mental clarity and unmatched stamina.

  • Your fiancé who wants a healthy honeymoon and marriage ;)

  • The musician who wants the creativity and strength to be a distinguished virtuoso. 

  • The accountant who needs to account for things.  


Reach out if you have any questions or comments regarding my work. 

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